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Monday, April 25, 2011 . 9:44 PM

Preloved Duo-tone tie waist satin dress from Hollyhoque(White and navy combi)
This number comes in hues so rich they are hard to resist as each colour has a story of its own to tell! This summer, its play dress-up time again, from the complimenting shades to the adjustable tie strings at waist that zaps any hint of boredom lurking in this dress straight down to zero. Cast the trust on us, we all need a flattering piece like this one when our moment arrives. Strut it off, the crowd may just shower you with all the attention you have ever wished for.
Featuring satin, slight pleats at bust and elastic band at back. Not sheer.

In good condition,with slight defect(abit of furring at bust area,but not obvious as defect is not extensive).Selling at $18!

Monday, January 17, 2011 . 8:26 PM

Lovely LoveBonito items up for sale! All brand new and out of stock on site. These items belong to my friend so no trades ok? If interested in any of these 3 items below,pls email msjoannachan@gmail.com. thank you!:)
Lovebonito Versatile Draped Blouse in Lavender (U.P. $25.50)
Extremely versatile and chic top you have to own!
Wear it cowl necked or off-the-shouler, it goes with almost anything!
Made of soft cotton and comfy on skin.Non sheer.
Measurements: 14-18" PTP, 26.5" down
LoveBonito Bareback Bustier dress in Champagne(U.P. $29.50)
Simply gorgeous and stunning. The perfect dress for those end year parties!
Pleated chiffon bosom and matte structured satin below. Button and zip closure behind.Comes with detachable and adjustable straps, with non-detachable padding. Non sheer.
refer to http://www.lovebonito.com/343-bareback-bustier.html to view the details of the back of the dress:)
Measurements: 14.5" PTP 28.5" down
LoveBonito Marquise Swirl Dress in Rose Nude(U.P. $30.50)
Gorgeous piece all of us fell in love with. Extremely chic and elegant with a flattering cut.Perfect for this festive season! Made of matte satin. Comes with detachable & adjustable straps.
Measurements: 14" to 18" PTP 28" down (fits UK 8 and above)


Tuesday, November 23, 2010 . 5:22 PM

Kylie Chic Bandage Dress in Navy Blue from Thestagewalk.lj.
This is one stunning, gorgeous and chic bandage dress that had us all raving over!
We kept both colors, simply love the excellent cut and unique neckline which is not commonly seen in the streets.
Retailed at $26 on site, worn twice and in excellent condition.Selling at $20!
Fabric & Details: Made of excellent viscose material, highly stretchable, non-sheer. Quality assured.
Features bandage skirt bottom, unique neckline and back.

Length: 32.5"
Fits UK 6 - 12

Friday, August 6, 2010 . 11:48 PM

Lace bustier dress from Love Bonito

Simple yet classy and perfect for any occasion! Wear it to a dinner party or just for the weekend getaway! Made of thick cotton and polyester blend. Non sheer and padded.
Measurements: 13.5" to 16.5" PTP (elastic band at back), 25" down (from bust)
Worn once and in great condition, selling at $22!
Black Eva-inspired top(not from agneselle,but extremely similiar)

I bought it from another blogshop that claimed that it was from agneselle,but apparently it isn't.The sizing is different so thats why i'm selling it,suits UK size 8-12.Its made from silky soft cotton texture with lace detailing at the ends.Banding at the waist for more definition.Mother-of-pearl buttons down the front.You can ask me for actual pictures if you're serious about purchasing it!Brand new,selling it at $18!

Exclusively Imported by Her Velvet Vase
Tiered floral sundress in MINT

Adjustable straps
Smocked waist
Inner lining: non-sheer!

Model is UK size 6/8, 170 cm
Pit to pit 11.5 – 20 inches
Length 32 inches

Selling this BRAND NEW piece for my fren(so no trades) at $22mailed! (usual price $27.50)

Friday, June 18, 2010 . 10:24 PM

Picture taken from intricatecharms.livejournal.com
Selling Natlene,BRAND NEW at $15!
A gorgeousdesign coupled with the perfect cut.What more need we say?Plus it comes in a gorgeous fushia summer hue!A great grab and go piece for school,dates and more!Made from a mix of cotton and lycra.
Measurements:pit to pit-13 to 16inches

Runway diva's lace bustier dress in BLACK
pit to pit:12.5inches-16.5inches
length:26.5inches down
This exquisite dress is made from chiffon and lace overlay.Its banded and smocked at the back for better fit.Dress has inner lining so it isn't sheer!Very pretty,and OOS on site.Selling at $22 mailed.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 . 1:14 PM

Blossomz cyan sequined tank top.BRAND NEW,size XS.Fits uk size 6 and 8 girls.
Selling this beauty at $11!

Sequined back,very pretty and in great condition coz it hasn't been worn before!

Black embrossed leopard print zipper bustier dress from loveandbravery.blogspot.com

Measures: 13-17"across chest, 27" length
Free Sized. Fits UK 6 - large 8
A very sexy piece!In great condition,only worn once.Its alittle tight for me,suitable for XS or S sized girls.This sleek dress contours the body perfectly,smocked at the back for better fitting and makes it alittle stretchable.Black embrossed leopard prints,silver zipper closure.Very pretty!Selling at $16! (usual price $29!)

Chocolate brown offshoulder,preloved.

Smocked at the neckline.Very comfy and flattering.Selling at $10!

Summery prints tube top from Nichii.Worn once,in great condition.Tagged size M,but suitable for girls uk size 6-10.Cute tiny nonfunctional buttons on the chest area,and smocked at the underbust for a flattering fit.Very pretty and cheerful!Selling at $20!(retailed at $30+)

See anything you fancy?Email bohemianized@hotmail.com !

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 . 8:17 PM

Sweet Candy Mascots-one of the latest collections of the series!
Instocks Available: Donald&Daisy $2.50
YiJun Disney Boron Concave Bun Mascots
1 Minnie instock:)
selling at $2.50!
These series are rather very popular as its cute,and sold out in many places

Friday, December 12, 2008 . 3:42 PM

Handmade pearl bracelets!These classy crystal pearl bracelets are your regular pearl white colour with a tinge of peach.Cord used is stretchable.Selling at $2.50 MAILED! Very cheap and reasonable considering range of prices online shops are selling at.Cranberrycloset is just sharing her love for pearls,thus making it affordable for all!:D

Saturday, October 13, 2007 . 1:27 PM

She didn't lead me in a wildgoose chase or anything,in fact she was quite nice.But after several failed arranged meetups(coz either one of us couldn't make it).She suddenly stopped replying me.Many emails and smses later,still no reply.Oh wells.

Monday, June 18, 2007 . 12:02 PM

first to be blacklisted:
handphone no.:81939293
Webbie:http://harts-kisses.blogspot.com/ ,she's got another blogshop selling clothes from taiwan sprees,but I think she changed her url.

I've been putting this off for a very long time coz I dun really wanna blacklist pple.She was the very first person to email me when my blogshop first opened(2 months ago).And she was interested in several items,so after emailing back and forth we agreed on wad items to swap for..everytime it'll take her many days before replying my emails.And whenever I smsed her asking when is she free to meetup,she would conviently ignore it.On the very VERY rare occasions that she did reply,sadly I couldn't make it becoz I had classes and asked if there was any other days that she was free.She would so kindly ignore that too(waste my sms-es).After close to a month(late april),we finally set a day to meet.However I injured my foot badly the day before and was unable to walk(I'm serious)..until now its still swollen but ahh wells.So I sms-ed her that I couldn't make it.After several sms-es,she finally replyed back ok.For the next week I tried sms-ing her many times,emailling her to apologise and to arrange another meetup.NO reply.-.-
I've told some of my frens and blogshops about this situation and many have told me to blacklist her.But I didn't want to and decided to wait.
After many sms-es..and emails..still no reply.
So I emailed somemore and said that I could meet up at Sengkang(the place of her convience) although IT TAKES ME 1 and a HALF HOURS to get there..Finally she replyed and we arranged a meeting.On the day itself,since I was swapping quite afew items with her..I lurged the big plastic bag of items to school(with my 3kg laptop bag) and after school,went to Sengkang.We were supposed to meet at 5.30pm.At 5.30pm she sms-ed me and told me that she was still at her fren's house..so cannot meet me.Normally any responsible blogshop owner would sms the person at least 1hr earlier if they wanted to change the timing or something rite?Hey,I sat on the bus for 1 and a half hours to get there and she sms-ed me at 5.30pm saying that she isn't meeting me.Still,I said ok..are you free to meet tmr?She said ok.
But in the end,we couldn't meet the next day becoz she had to accompany her mum to do something.Ah wells.
So for the next few days,I patiently sms-ed and emailed her..and yeps,NO REPLY.it gets really old huh?
On the very rare occasions that she'll reply..her sms would juz be to ask me who am I and wad are we swapping/buying..Which I would so patiently tell her..Then,there'll be no reply at all..
1 month later(afew weeks ago) I smsed her again,hey..is the deal still on?If you don't reply then I guess the deal's off hmm?
Becoz there was an upcoming charity bazaar,and I felt that if she didn't want the items..I might as well put it to good use.She sms-ed back who am I and what is this about...Wahh,ok..so she doesn't even save my hp. no?Wad sort of incompetent owner is this?So I very patiently told her again..as I did so many times ago(Can anybody remember the fish named Dory in Finding Nemo?).After that,she never replyed again..
So I called the deal off after 2 months of being played around with.Maybe she's different around other pple,I duno know.But be cautious in dealing with candiies-x(didn't give her real name) becoz she has a tendency to be incompetent and unaccomodating.
Ahh,such unpleasant business.Why can't pple juz reply emails and sms-es?I wouldn't bite you if you decide not to buy you know.Juz not too last minute.My ultimate pet peeve is pple not replying sms-es.>.< Waste my time and resources.